Audiobook is coming

Hi there 🙂

Now a days, I’m working with my partners in a audiobook.  Soon, we will release a pilot chapter to test the acceptance that this will have. Next that, we will release monthly a new chapter.

This will be published on youtube, vimeo and soundcloud.

See you soon with new material 😉

G. Pastor.

ADD: We are searching for new partners. If anyone is interesting in a webserie, can demand more information on the comments. Thanks you.

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A little presentation

I’m Gerardo Pastor (noraz-sound), a sound technician, sound designer and electronic music producer.

I began to compose electronic music in 2002. Over time I began to pay more attention to the world of sound, and I decided to train as Sound Technician.

I started to create my own professional experience, working with independent artists in Spain. Over time I started to work also in the sound design for games and animations.

Today, I work in a Production Company (Lucentum Digital) as a sound technician in film shoots and studio sound.

I’ll use this blog to show my labor. You can follow it to have news of my work.

If you want to work with me in some production or videogame, contact me 😉

Thanks for read. See you!

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